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Learn the basics of writing Kanji all while you go on a journey to become a samurai!


Kanji Samurai is a mobile game created in Unity that is designed to intrigue people that have an interest in Japanese culture. It can help familiarize people with the very basics of writing Kanji.


The game started off as my team's year long project for our final year in college. We started with just four of us: a producer, a designer, an artist, and me as the programmer. At the halfway point in the year, some other teams got cut and we picked up some new teammates: two more designers, three more artists, and another programmer.


We eventually released Kanji Samurai on the Google Play Store, but later removed it since the team had other obligations post college and did not have the bandwidth to maintain it.


My role in development has been creating the input system, creating tools to aid the team in the development process, implementing the Tutorial, Training, and Challenge game modes, and the menu system.


The Input system is easily the most complex thing in the game. It is able to compare the user input to a template and assign a score based on how accurate the input is to the template. The user is able to make a number of mistakes, like scaling the kanji to different sizes, breaking longer strokes into smaller ones, or simply drawing a stroke longer than it should be. The only hard requirements to receive a score are that the strokes are written in proper order and that the result resembles the template in some way.

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